Basic Curriculum (White, Yellow, Orange, Orange-Stripe)

Striding Hands

1 ~~ Ha Dan Maki (Front St. Low Block)
2 ~~ Choon Dan GG (Front St. Middle Punch)
3 ~~ San Dan Maki (Front St. High Block)
4 ~~ San Dan GG (Front St. High Punch)
5 ~~ Aneso-Bakoro Maki (Front St. Inside-Outside Block)
6 ~~ Tiro Soo Do GG (Front St. Ridgehand)
7 ~~ Bakeso-Anoro Maki (Front St. Outside-Inside Block)
8 ~~ Soo Do GG (Front St. Chop)
9 ~~ Yup Maki (Back St. Side Block)
10 ~ Heng Jin GG (Horse St. Side Punch)
11 ~ Whogal SS Maki (Back St. Reinforced Block)
12 ~ Chungal SS Maki (Front St. Reinforced Block)

Striding Feet

1 ~~ Ap Chagi (Front)
2 ~~ Dolio Chagi (Roundhouse)
3 ~~ Yup Chagi (Side)
4 ~~ Futio Chagi (Hook)
5 ~~ Dwi Chagi (Back)
6 ~~ EE Dan Ap Chagi (Jump Front)
7 ~~ EE Dan Dolio Chagi (Jump Round)
8 ~~ Dimul Yup Chagi (Hop Side)
9 ~~ Dimul Futio Chagi (Hop Hook)
10 ~ Dia Yup Chagi (Flying Side)
11 ~ Chi Ki (Axe)
12 ~ EE Dan Chi Ki (Jump Axe)

8-Point One Steps

ö ~ L. Looping Block R. Chop Combo
ð ~ L. Looping Block, R. Rv. Punch
ø ~ L. Looping Block, L. Lead Leg Side Kick
ò ~ R. Retreat with L. Looping Block, R. Front Kick
÷ ~ R. Looping Block, R. Lead Leg Round Kick
ï ~ R. Looping Block, L. Rv. Punch
õ ~ L. Hammer Block, R. Rv. Punch
ñ ~ R. Block Up, R. Elbow In

Self Defense

1 ~~ Same Side Grab (In-Out Roll)
2 ~~ Same Side Grab (Assisted Roll Out Chop)
3 ~~ Cross Hand Grab (Chop Out Chop)
4 ~~ Low Grab (Belt) (Arm Bar)
5 ~~ Top of Belt Grab (Under-Over Roll)
6 ~~ Double Grab (Under-Over Palm Heel)
7 ~~ Shoulder Grab (Arm Bar)
8 ~~ Collar Grab (Takedown)
9 ~~ Side Shoulder Grab (Takedown)
10 ~ Side Wrist Grab Thumb Down (Z Lock)
11 ~ Side Buddy Buddy Grab (Knee to Face)
12 ~ Side Headlock (Biting Takedown / Spin Down)

Ground Defense

1 ~~ Mount Bump & Roll
2 ~~ Mount Elbow Escape
3 ~~ Mount Americana
4 ~~ Side Control (same side) Escape to Guard
5 ~~ Side Control (hips blocked) Escape to Knees
6 ~~ Side Control Americana
7 ~~ Guard Scissor Sweep
8 ~~ Guard Guillotine
9 ~~ Guard Triangle Choke
10 ~ Rear Mount Escape
11 ~ Sprawl to Snapdown
12 ~ Grips, T-Rex Arms, Lifting & Hip Throw Defense, Getting Up, Wall Crawl, Turning Off Wall


Rank Specifics

For Yellow Belt (9th Gup)

Minimum 6 Classes as White Belt
Must have signed and paid for second month of Membership
Must Have Uniform
Recite 5 Codes of Tang Soo Do
Board Break: Hammer Fist or Chop

For Orange Belt (8th Gup)

Minimum 18 Classes as Yellow Belt
Count to Ten in Korean
Recite Student Creed (Kids)
Recite 7 Tenets of Tang Soo Do (Teen/Adult)
Board Break: Front Kick

For Orange-Stripe (7th Gup)

Minimum 24 Classes as Orange Belt
Board Break: Flying Side Kick

For Green Belt (6th Gup)

Minimum 24 Classes as Orange-Stripe
Board Break: Elbow Strike


Intermediate Curriculum (Green, Green-Stripe, Green-2 Stripe)

Green Striding Hands

1 ~~ Ha Dan Soo Do Maki (Back St. Low Open Hand Block)
2 ~~ Choon Dan Soo Do Maki (Back St. Middle Open Hand Block)
3 ~~ Yuk Jin GG (Back St. Chop Rv. Punch)
4 ~~ Kwan Soo GG (Front St. Spear Hand)
5 ~~ SS Ha Dan Maki (Front St. Low X Block)
6 ~~ SS San Dan Maki (Front St. High X Block)
7 ~~ SS Choon Dan/Dwi Ha Dan Maki (Front St. Middle/Rv. Low Block)
8 ~~ SS Choon Dan/Dwi San Dan GG (Front St. U-Punch)
9 ~~ SS Choon Dan/Dwi San Dan Maki (Back St. Middle/Rv. High Block
10 ~ Yuk Soo (Front St. Looping Block/Rv. Punch)
11 ~ Pung Cha Maki (Back St. Windmill Block)
12 ~ SS San Dan Soo Do Maki/Dwi Soo Do GG (Front St. High Open Hand Block/Rv. Chop)

Green Striding Feet

1 ~~ Aneso-Bakoro Chagi (Inside-Outside Crescent)
2 ~~ Bakeso-Anoro Chagi (Outside-Inside Crescent)
3 ~~ Dwi Dolio Aneso-Bakoro Chagi (Spin Crescent)
4 ~~ Dwi Dolio Futio Chagi (Spin Hook)
5 ~~ Dwi Dolio Chi Ki (Spin Axe)
6 ~~ Dia Ap Chagi (Jump Switch Front)
7 ~~ Dia Dolio Chagi (Jump Switch Round)
8 ~~ Dia Dwi Chagi (Jump Back)
9 ~~ Dia Dwi Dolio Futio Chagi (Jump Spin Hook)
10 ~ EE Dan Dwi Dolio Bakeso-Anoro Chagi (Tornado Crescent)
11 ~ Dwi Dolio Chagi (Spin Roundhouse)
12 ~ Pi Chagi (Rv. Roundhouse)

Green 8-Point One Steps

ö ~ L. Looping Block R. Elbow Combo, R. Elbow Jab, R. Wrap Around to Guillotine, L. Knee to Ribs
ð ~ L. Looping Block, L. Knee to Armpit, R. Elbow to Face with L. Leg Drops Behind Takedown Finish
ø ~ L. Looping Block, R. Lunging Knee to Thai Clinch, Step Back R. (Elbows Right) Neck Spin, Double Knees
ò ~ L. Retreat with R. Hammer Block, L. Back Kick, L. Backfist R. Rv. Punch
÷ ~ R. Looping Block, L. Step Across Front with L. Hand to Shoulder, Sweep Takedown Finish
ï ~ L. Dropping Pushing Block, R. Over-the-Top Ridgehand to Face and Hook, L. Knee to Spine CF Takedown
õ ~ R. Looping Block, L. Hand Around to Chin, L. Hand to Temple, Step Back L., Twisting Neck Takedown Finish
ñ ~ R. Goofy Step with L. Looping Block, R. Palm Heel Chin Takedown Finish

Green Self Defense

1 ~~ Back Top of Belt (Takedown)
2 ~~ Back Top of Collar (Takedown)
3 ~~ Back Walk by Grab (Takedown)
4 ~~ Back Chicken Wing (Takedown)
5 ~~ Two-Hand Grab (Out-In Shove)
6 ~~ Two-Hand Grab (Wristlock)
7 ~~ Two-Hand Collar Grab (Takedown)
8 ~~ Two-Hand Choke (Elbow Over Elbow)
9 ~~ Two-Hand Grab from Rear (Wristlock)
10 ~ Under Arm Grab from Rear (Takedown)
11 ~ Bear Hug from Rear (Hammerfist, Drop Out, Front Kick)
12 ~ Rear Locked Choke (Dropping Corkscrew to Knee Kicks)

Green Ground Defense

1 ~~ Mount Armbar
2 ~~ Side Control Pass to Mount
3 ~~ Scarf Hold Head Hook to Side Control
4 ~~ Scarf Hold Bump & Roll (when they have your arm)
5 ~~ Half Guard Sweep
6 ~~ Guard Hip Bump
7 ~~ Guard Pendulum Sweep
8 ~~ Guard Armbar
9 ~~ Guard Kimura
10 ~ Sprawl to Guillotine
11 ~ Double Leg (outside hook)
12 ~ Double Leg (lifting)

Green Forms

Rank Specifics

For Green-Stripe (5th Gup)

Minimum 24 Classes as Green Belt
Board Break: Back Kick

For Green-2 Stripe (4th Gup)

Minimum 24 Classes as Green-Stripe
Board Break: Axe Kick

For Red Belt (3rd Gup)

Minimum 24 Classes as Green-2 Stripe
Board Break: Ridgehand