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ELITE Tang Soo Do Academy 910-568-1618

ELITE Tang Soo Do Academy is a member of the Pyung Hwa Kunin Tang Soo Do Association and is owned and operated by Master JP deHénaut, who holds a fourth degree black belt in the traditional Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do.  Master deHénaut has been teaching Tang Soo Do since 1999 (opening his first school in Ellwood City PA), has been a Mixed Martial Arts Coach since 2005, and plans to continue teaching for many more years to come - Now in the Fayetteville NC area.

About Master deHénaut

Master deHénaut got his first taste of Tang Soo Do at the age of twelve, taking classes under Grand Master Charles Ferraro above the Dolly Madison Bakery, in Madison Connecticut, back in the early 80’s.  In 1990, while serving in the US Navy, Master deHénaut was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base in southern Maryland and began training under Grand Master Myung Seok Seo, who had been a black belt instructor since 1954.  In 1992, Master deHénaut went to the Marshall Islands as a missionary for his church, were the locals knew him as ‘Lukuin Nam Kee’ (or ‘real martial arts’).  During this time he was constantly given sticks, bricks, coral, and coconuts to break by the locals in good fun.

Coming home to the United States in 1994, Master deHénaut returned to training under Grand Master Myung Seok Seo, until moving back to Connecticut in 1996.  There he began training under Master Steve Voelker (President of the Pyong Hwa Kunin Tang Soo Do Association).  In 1999, Master deHénaut moved to the Ellwood City area and opened the ELITE Tang Soo Do Academy with a total of four students.  Since then, he has mentored hundreds of people in the martial arts, leading many all the way through the challenging rank structure to their black belt. As a result, communities have benefited from the principles that these people learned and applied to their daily lives.

Today Master deHénaut lives in Fayetteville NC, and ELITE Tang Soo Do Academy is continuing to grow and expand, offering the best martial arts training in the area.

About The Association

The Pyong Hwa Kunin Tang Soo Do Association is headquartered in Old Saybrook Connecticut and is headed by its President, Grand Master Steve Voelker.  Pyong Hwa Kunin means ‘Peaceful Warriors’ and champions the principle of learning the way of the warrior in order to live in peace with our fellow man.

ETSD Black Belt Alumni

The Black Belt Alumni of Elite Tang Soo Do Academy invite you to join the ranks of Black Belt excellence!

Lori Dehenaut (3rd Dan) ~ 11/10/2007
John Lust (2nd Dan) ~ 4/2/2004
Joseph Tesone (2nd Dan) ~ 4/9/2005
Michael Tesone (2nd Dan) ~ 4/9/2005
Nicholas Valvano (2nd Dan) ~ 11/19/2005
Tanner Rape ~ 5/21/2005
Cody Price ~ 11/19/2005
Derek Lust ~ 1/27/2007
Bryan McCarthy ~ 1/27/2007
David McCarthy ~ 1/27/2007
Sean McCarthy ~ 11/10/2007
Patrick Gilkey ~ 5/17/2008
Josalyn Izzo ~ 5/17/2008
Logan Duff ~ 4/24/2009
Nicole Lust ~ 4/24/2009
Morgan Valvano ~ 4/24/2009
Louie Valvano ~ 4/24/2009
Angelo Marsano ~ 2/27/2010
Bob Galvin ~ 8/8/2012

ELITE Tang Soo Do Academy 910-568-1618